My services

My aim is to be honest, reliable and easy to communicate with. I have 'Goods In Transit' and Public Liability Insurance.

Small house and flat moves

I have done a number of small moves, including ones in Cheltenham where I did multiple trips.

Ebay purchase collection

If you have a purchase that won't fit in your car get in touch for a quote - whether it is local or further away.

Furniture and large objects moved

Are you clearing a house? Moving to college? I have moved an inherited ornate bookshelf and a van load of belongings of someone heading off to bible college. Whatever needs moving if it fits in the van I am happy to do it. 

What will fit in?

Here are the dimensions of the inside of the van so you can check if your items will fit!



£35.00 per hour all inclusive.

Longer distance

£20.00 per hour plus 45 pence per mile.

Not sure what, where or when?

Get in touch - I am always happy to discuss the options.

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